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What is Ormus?


Perhaps you’ve heard of the age old tale of the Philosopher’s Stone... the great goal of alchemists of yore, said to bestow those who obtained it with the ability of Immortality? Or maybe the Fountain of Youth, through which the elixir of life freely flowed, granting eternal longevity to anyone able to find it? What if we told you that something very similar has been produced and bottled for millennia? What if we said it was affordable, and very within reach? Allow us to introduce Ormus!

Ormus is the essence of life itself. It is naturally found in anything living, plants, animals, and of course human beings! Ormus can be likened to chi, manna, or simply referred to as ‘life force’. It is the consciousness that links us all together, and enables us to have life while on this plane of existence. Unfortunately, exposure to the modern world, specifically electromagnetic frequencies and electromagnetic radiation, depletes our Ormus, literally leeching it out of our bodies. The result of reduced Ormus levels can be disastrous; fatigue, mental and physical disorders, neurological impairments, shortened life potential, a loss of sense of self, and more. Thankfully, there is a way to manufacture Ormus, allowing us to take it back into our bodies!

What can taking Ormus do for you?

Given that Ormus is life essence and consciousness itself, consuming it allows us to reconnect with the natural world surrounding us once again. Through overexposure to technology, many of us have begun to forget our place in nature, and even amongst each other. Ormus helps to raise the level of consciousness within your body, opening your capacity to connect more compassionately with other humans, animals, plants and the world at large. The outwards expansion also reverses inwards, as Ormus opens you back up to reconnect with the Self, allowing you to rediscover the blueprint of your authentic self.