UFORIA : A Supplement Formulated For YOUR Body

Each body is unique, with it's own needs to keep it functioning effectively. Each body has it's own strengths, it's own abilities; but each body also comes with it's own drawbacks.

With UFORIA, your own DNA is tested for specific genetic abnormalities that may contribute to less than favorable circumstances, such a weight gain, diabetes, compromised immunity, heart complications, and more.

Your DNA results are then used to formulate a supplement that is custom made just for you, created with herbal blends and superfoods that will fortify those specific genetic abnormalities.

In short? By creating customized nutrition from your DNA, UFORIA can make you the healthiest version of yourself. Let your body tell you what it needs!

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Check out these first hand accounts from actual UFORIA users, and see the amazing results they've been getting? When joining the group, just say that you were referred by Karen Lauber!

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nutrigenomics, genetics, dna nutrition

nutrigenomics, genetics, dna nutrition