Services Offered


Biosyntonie with Susan Bischak

Biosyntonie is a natural healing modality which brings the body back in balance with the natural rhythms of the Earth.

During a Biosyntonie session, the client is positioned within a vortex which mimics the Earth's natural frequency, the Schumann resonance, similar to that found in natural vortexes, such as that in Sedona. This natural energy vortex cycles through the body, encouraging the body to heal itself wherever it sees fit. The practitioner simply arranges the vortex - it is the client's body itself that guides the session!

Experiences during a Biosyntonie session are very unique to the individual, as each body composition is different! Sensations experienced have ranged from feelings of levitation, to swirling in the head and body, to tingling or pain, to feelings of absolute calm and bliss. Wherever your body needs adjustment, the Biosyntonie will do it's work!

Biosyntonie Rates

Biosyntonie can be done two ways, laying down or seated. The seated 'chair session' is a more intense experience, and can only be performed for 20 minutes at a time. Both modalities provide wonderful and unique results.

Chair Session - $40 for 20 minutes (by select availability; call for details)

Reclining Session - $80 for 40 minutes

Open Ended Spirit-Guided Session

Susan Bischak is capable of using many different healing modalities, and is guided by Spirit during her sessions to cater specifically to the client's needs. Quantum energy shift, reiki, mediumship, past life readings and biosyntonie may all be used during a session, depending on the client.

- $150 for hour and a half

- $100 for one hour

To book a session please call Susan at 973-838-7211, 9-6pm , Eastern Standard Time, Monday – Saturday, or you may email her at


Psychic Readings w/ Pamela S Kramer

"As an energetic body healer and clairvoyant, I am honored and blessed to play a part in healing peoples lives."

-Pamela S. Kramer

What Does Pamela Offer?

Pamela has been gifted with a second sight since childhood, and her many gifts unfold with each client she sees. 

Her intuitive vision is the core of her practice, allowing her to see into the various layers of the human energy field.

Taking a walk through the narrative of a person’s mind, body and soul, causes of trapped energy are pinpointed within the etheric field. Throughout this process, she is able to clear and activate the chakras of the body, releasing associated afflictions.

Offering a healing modality that works on multiple levels of a person’s being, the client is provided with a holistic understanding of their energetic body, and its impact on their day to day life. Pamela is also available for intuitive career and life readings, able to provide one with guidance into their present, and provide foresight into potential futures.


Chakra Balancing/Chakra Reading

Pamela guides you through your chakra blockages on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, helping you to understand why they were blocked in the first place - she then gets them back in working order! 

-$150 for one hour session

Directed Sessions

If you would like a more customized session, focusing on a specific part of the body, (such as focusing on a lower back, knees, or over all stress reduction), a session will be $175 an hour.


Purification Healings With Roland

Experience the fire of rebirth with Roland, Purification Energy Healer! Serving as a channel of pure love, Roland’s unique modality burns away blockages which no longer serve you, transmuting darker and heavier energies to those of light. Through this process, energies of stagnation ascend to those of action! Purification healing is a wonderful modality for those who show difficulty in overcoming old patterns, cycles, or frames of mind.  

After a session with Roland, you will find yourself invigorated with clarity, optimism, and a fresh perspective! Roland is a Reiki Master and Certified IET Practitioner - blending these techniques with his natural, inborn healing abilities, Roland transforms the lives of all whom he works on.


Purification Healings

- $150 for an hour