What are they?

Baby plants, which hold a higher concentration of nutrients than their larger, adult relatives. 40 times more nutrient dense, in fact!

Microgreens show a wider variety of polyphenols and other antioxidants than mature greens. Vitamin concentrations have been shown to be higher.

Most varieties of microgreens tend to be high in potassium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and copper.

Why Should We Include Microgreens In My Diet?

Besides getting more bang for you buck, microgreens ensure that you will meet your daily nutritional quotients more efficiently than when consuming adult greens.

Not only do they contain more nutrients for less volume, but their nutrient levels are so high they may stand in equivalence to greens powders - with the added benefit of holding the living energy of a fresh harvest!

Different Microgreens + Their Benefits


Protein, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, E, niacin
Helps with glucose, diabetes, cholesterol, energy, detox


Calcium, iron, phosphorous, sulforaphane, vitamins A, C
Anti-cancer properties, heart health, sun damage

Pak Choi

Beta-carotene, iron, vitamins C, E and K
Promotes eye health and vision, skin elasticity, blood + bone health

Pea Shoots

Fiber, folate, vitamin A, C, protein
Good for heart health, anti-inflammation, weight loss

Red Acre Cabbage

Vitamin C, E, A, antioxidants, bet a carotene, fiber, thiamine
Promotes cardiovascular health, lowers LDL cholesterol

Sunflower Shoots

Complete protein, amino acids, folic acid, zinc, vitamin B complex
Supports muscle tissue repair, healthy gut, pregnancy

Other Benefits of Microgreens Include :

Protection against heart disease

Lowered chance of alzheimers

Blood sugar regulation and reduced incidence of diabetes

Protection against certain cancers

Sold! Where Can I Get My Microgreens?

Microgreens are now available at The Health Stop! Locally and organically grown, we get our microgreens fresh from the source!

We've partnered with a local grower to provide you with bi-weekly shipments of microgreens. For 45$ a month, you will receive two shipments, on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month. Each shipment will consist of 4 containers of sunflower shoots, pea shoots, seasonal brassica mix and an herb!

The first order will be available on January 18th - your monthly cost will be adjusted to reflect this for your January subscription.

Awesome! I'm Ready To Start!

Great! Give us a call, come into the store, or click here to sign up!

Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult - and with microgreens, it's easier than ever! :) Sprinkle some on your salads, in your sandwiches, or eat them straight out of the box!

2020 will be your healthiest year yet!