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We live in a technology-dominant age.

Radio, Wifi and Cellular frequencies permeate the air, a smartphone is in every pocket, Bluetooth headsets and car communicators have become a way of life

In addition to this, we are, one might say, a heavily 'electric' society.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are everywhere, whether they are coming from your Macbook Air or your refrigerator

Whether this is a positive or negative thing is up to you to discern, however it has been found that exposure to EMFs can lead, at the very least, to heightened tension and anxiety. At most, they have been classified as 'possible human carcinogenics'.

What can we do about it?

Short of moving out of our convenient technological metropolis and living off grid, there are few things we can do to limit our exposure to EMFs, outside of keeping our cell phones away, or turning off devices in our homes. However, a new technology has been created which may limit the harmful effects of EMFs on the human body. This is GIA.

GIA has created patented cell phone cases, pendants and and other devices which put out a frequency of their own, that effectively neutralizes EMF frequencies, as well as strengthens the resilience of your body's biofield to electromagnetic stress.

How Does GIA Work?

"Man-­made electromagnetic fields radiate with steady, regular oscillations or pulses with constant frequencies. However, natural electromagnetic fields are highly irregular, with random and mixed frequencies and waveform." (1)

It has been discovered that man-­made frequencies had a detrimental, negative effect on biological cells, whereas the natural frequencies did not. They called this natural electromagnetic field with random and mixed frequencies and waveform, “Noise Field”. (1)

These Noise Field frequencies, when imposed over man-made frequencies, act to neutralize the negative effects of EMFs.

GIA products contain this Noise Field techology.  If you are interested in experiencing GIA products first hand, drop by our shop and we can provide an in person demonstration on the effects of GIA technology! :)

When life gives you EMF soup ... Learn to swim in it! :)

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 If you are interested in fortifying yourself with GIA technology, it is available for special order at The Health Stop in store, or you can access these, and more great products, through our Gia Wellness Shop! 

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