Our CBD Collection

CBD Oils + Soft Gels


The traditional way of taking CBD, oils and soft gels can be taken throughout the day as any other supplement. The purest way of getting your CBD!

CBD Teas


CBD in the morning, CBD in the afternoon, CBD at night! Give yourself a dose of chill with a piping hot cup of CBD :)

CBD Chocolate


Got a sweet tooth? Have your treat and feel good too! CBD chocolates are a great way to indulge while still benefiting your health! The ultimate form of self care ;)

CBD Water


Perhaps the most efficient way to get the benefits of CBD ... and certainly the most hydrating!

CBD Gummies


CBD gummies offer a sweet treat whenever you're feeling a hankering for a dose of CBD... which is always, let's be real.

CBD Tourma Balm


Our topical CBD alternative! Put it any area of discomfort, and feel the pain melt away.

What Is CBD?


CBD Is The Healing Compound In The Hemp Plant

Maybe you've heard about CBD oil by now. It's the latest health trend taking the nation by storm - and that is because it borders on miraculous!

CBD (Cannabidiol) is entirely non-psychoactive, being the part of the hemp plant that heals those who consume it. When you hear people talking about 'medical 'marijuana', they are really talking about the benefits of CBD!

At the Health Stop, we are VERY passionate about CBD, and carry a diverse selection of CBD products.