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The original notion that Oxygen might selectively destroy cancer cells goes back to the 1930s when Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg, M.D., discovered that, since cancer cells are adapted to survive and grow in low-Oxygen (Hypoxic) environments, they would die off if exposed to higher levels of Oxygen.

While that may sound plausible, we now know that Dr. Warburg was not entirely correct. Free Oxygen in the blood doesn’t slow cancer growth. In fact, tumors often grow more rapidly in tissues well supplied with oxygenated blood.

Despite these facts, you can readily find false claims online and elsewhere that Oxygen "therapy" using either ozone, hydrogen peroxide, or pressure chambers can effectively treat cancer (as well as AIDS, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease). According to the American Cancer Society, there is no credible evidence supporting any of these claims.

Nevertheless, these unproven therapies are in use at clinics in Mexico, across America, and in Europe. Hydrogen peroxide treatment involves diluting this substance and administering it orally, rectally, vaginally, or intravenously.

This is particularly dangerous since large amounts can cause an arterial gas embolism, a condition that can lead to permanent lung damage and, sometimes, death.

Dr. Andrew Weil - (The APeX War - Page 129) 

​ (The following scientific observation was written by a world famous physicist after APeX resolved his serious brain cancer.)

"Based on early investigation of the demonstrated increase of anti-pathogen activity of APeX Focused Oxygen Infusion Nanorobots, the slight negative charge at the APeX Oxygen Nanorobot molecular boundary, which is comprised of Active Oxygen Molecules, allows the Oxygen Nanorobots to be potentiated by, then drawn directly into cancer, pathogen, or pathogen affected cells, collapsing their architecture.

This occurs because the binding electrons of the active Oxygen atoms are more attracted to the pathogenic molecular electronic imbalance than they are to the positive atomic nucleus they surround, which acts as their dolly.

Almost instantly the Oxygen phobic cancer or pathogen cell becomes super oxidized, causing that architecture to instantly collapse - as if a bomb has gone off."

In his paper he refers to APeX as a "Very fundamental break-through in the understanding of how to get oxygen into the context of hypoxic cancer cell microenvironment, or directly into the pathogen itself.

APeX is a medical gamechanger, a unique nano-molecular structure I have never witnessed before as a scientist."

All of the above has been directly quoted from the APeX website.

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